Bereavement support

We offer a number of different support groups for family members. 


Stepping Stones
This is offered to parents approximately three to six months following the death of your child, although the timing will take into account the needs of the family. The group is invite only and meets monthly over a nine-month period. This gives parents the opportunity to meet other bereaved parents in an informal setting and offer peer support. The sessions are facilitated by two members of the family support team.

Bereaved Dad’s Group
This is a place for dads who have lost a child, to meet in a relaxed, safe and welcoming space, and will be facilitated by the family support team. This takes place once a month in the evening.

Bereaved Mum’s Group
This will take place once a month, and is a place for bereaved mums to meet in a relaxed, safe and welcoming space, and will be facilitated by the family support team.


Sibling Group
Our sibling groups are for children and young people to meet up and have fun. They allow siblings the opportunity for peer–to-peer support, to share their experiences and make unique and lasting friendships whilst having a break from their usual routines. Groups are age specific and activities are tailored to the groups and include team games, arts and crafts, baking and lots more. The groups take place monthly are are split into: Danni’s Club (for younger siblings), and Chill Out and Chat (for older siblings). Both clubs are facilitated by members of the family support team at the hospice.

Pebbles – for siblings
This offers support to bereaved siblings whose parents are attending Stepping Stones sessions. It also gives them the chance to meet other siblings in a similar situation. The group offers support through play, giving an opportunity to express feelings in a friendly atmosphere. These sessions will be facilitated by sibling support and one of our play specialists.

Treasure days
Treasure days are special days for siblings who have experienced the death of their brother or sister and are held at Derian House once a year. The days are usually a mixture of laughter and tears where children and young people can remember and celebrate the lives of their loved ones. Treasure days provide opportunities to share memories and special times with each other, participate in art workshops, create keepsakes and treasure boxes and have fun in a relaxed environment and meet other children.

derian house


This is a relaxed and friendly group bringing together bereaved grandparents to share their experiences and memories.