Wherever you are in your pregnancy journey, we are here for you if you need us.

We can help reassure you while also giving you practical advice and coming with you to appointments, scans, or hospital visits.

We work closely with the Derian House Family Support Team to make sure you are given all the information and support you need.

Understanding and planning ahead

We’re here to help the whole family understand what is happening – we can try to explain the clinical jargon in a way that makes sense.
We’ll help you start preparing for whatever lies ahead, including writing a care plan for your pregnancy and delivery, which you will be able to share with everyone involved – including your GP and consultants.


We can help you co-ordinate and come with you to scans, meetings with specialists, and hospital appointments as a familiar face or an advocate for your family. 

Creating memories

We can help you create precious memories during your pregnancy and help you to properly feel like a mum or dad. We can get excited with you when you feel everyone else around you may not be. 

Emotional and practical support

If you are feeling overwhelmed during pregnancy or that you need someone to talk to, there’s always someone at the end of the phone at Derian. Whenever and wherever you need us, just ask.