It is a legal requirement for any death to be registered within five days unless the coroner is investigating the circumstances surrounding the death. This must be done before a funeral can take place. Registration must take place in the area in which your child died – unless other arrangements have been made.

If your child has died at Derian House, registration can take place anywhere in the Lancashire registration district. The registrar’s office is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 4.30pm. The family support team can assist you setting up an appointment and support you with the process if required. 

Our doctor will provide you with a medical certificate for the cause of death to take to the registrar. The registrar will give you a death certificate; this currently costs £11 per copy. The registrar will also give you a green form to permit burial or cremation; this will need to be handed to the funeral director of your choice.

The registrar will need to ask you some questions regarding the death of your child to enable them to issue the death certificate. This will be done sensitively.


All funerals are individual. It can be religious or non-religious, traditional, or a ceremony of your own design. Take your time to think about how you would like to say goodbye to your child, and what is right for your family. The family support team can assist you alongside the funeral director in the planning of your child’s funeral.

Financial help

Funerals are now provided free of charge for those under 18. This covers the basic cost of a funeral (the funeral director will be able to explain what specifically this covers). If you need any financial assistance regarding your child’s funeral, then please speak with a member of the family support team who may be able to access you financial support via a charity. Alternatively you can use the following website or telephone number for information and assistance if you are in receipt of any benefits:
Bereavement Service Helpline – Telephone: 0345 606 0265