Evan Doyle

Derian House is very important to me as it allows me to hang out with boys that have the same disability as me and that are also my own age. This has therefore enabled me to make friends, it has also helped that I have been kept with the same group of boys that are a similar age to me so I have got to know them more. When I was first about to attend Derian House I was very excited but eventually it became part of my life. Things I enjoy at Derian include going on the Xbox, Nintendo Switch, playing board games, going on walks when staying over, and going in the pool. I also enjoy going on days out and I really enjoyed going on a trip to Kielder Water in 2018.Β 

Joey Levene

I enjoy socialising with other young people like me, as in school and with my other peers, I find it hard to talk to them because they don’t understand what I’m going through, but the other young people at Derian House do. I love all the sports events that Derian does, for example the Boccia and Curling. I participated in a Boccia tournament, it was nice that there was a sport I could participate in, as most sports are inaccessible because of my disability. I enjoy sports and was inspired by Boccia so I made a Boccia club at school and eventually this was made into a sports day event. This made me happy as other people who felt that they couldn’t participate in activities could get involved.